Since forming the company we have worked with extensive number of clients, ranging from government institutions, banks, Red Cross to renowned sport clubs and industrial organisations. Some of these are listed below:

  • The People Bank of Serbia
  • Red Cross Serbia
  • Football Club Partizan
  • Football Club Red Star
  • The Serbian Scouts Association
  • Red Cross International Committee
  • RN Company-Mazzocchia
  • Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Ombudsman
  • Oplenac Battle Commemoration

...and many more companies, institutions and organisations. We have modern technological setup and "know how" staff with years of expertise, enabling us to deliver products of high quality and in time, but with very competitive prices. You are more than welcome to try us!


Manufacturer of designer metal insignia and accessories

"Metaloplastika" is a specialist family owned and run business, with a long tradition of manufacturing high quality two and three dimensional metal insignia and accessories. Formed in 1970, it is renowned for their own design solutions and high quality manufacturing, working for a government, industry, sport and cultural institutions. Staff expertise and use of latest technology enables us to deliver highest quality products designed to a specific client needs. In addition to above, we have been designing and manufacturing promotional accessories for large events and tourist organisations

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