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list of products

The list of products range is extensive, but most common include:

  • Badges

    Mould casting badges in all sizes and series, as per customer request. The badges may be gilded, silver or enamel coated, whit snap or buckle tie.

  • Plaques

    Plaques are produced by casting in all sizes and series as per customer request and may be gold, silver or enamel coated in several levels. They can be supplied in a box mounted on Plexiglas, on a wooden frame with velvet lining.

  • Tags

    We produce pendants in all sizes, series and shapes, as per customer request. They may be gilded, silver or enamel coated.

  • Medals

    Mould casting medals manufactured in all sizes and series, as per customer request. The medals may be gilded, silver or enamel coated, whit snap or buckle tie.


Since forming the company we have worked with extensive number of clients, ranging from government institutions, banks, Red Cross to renowned sport clubs and industrial organisations. Some of these are listed below:

  • The People Bank of Serbia
  • Red Cross Serbia
  • Football Club Partizan
  • Football Club Red Star
  • The Serbian Scouts Association
  • Red Cross International Committee
  • RN Company-Mazzocchia
  • Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Ombudsman
  • Oplenac Battle Commemoration

...and many more companies, institutions and organisations. We have modern technological setup and "know how" staff with years of expertise, enabling us to deliver products of high quality and in time, but with very competitive prices. You are more than welcome to try us!


Products are made of copper, brass, aluminum, pickled metal sheeting and tonsil, all with high quality final finish and galvanized protection. They can be nickel, copper, chrome, brass, silver or gold plated.

In addition, painting and enamel coating can be provided. Products are manufactured as per customer request or using our own unique design solutions, thus offering comprehensive service from the initial idea to the final product. This includes packaging and delivery wherever you are.

Metal insignia is manufactured for commemorative purposes of special dates, celebrations, jubilees, sporting events and industrial presentations.


As a part of overall package we provide accessories such as decorative box packaging, printed plaques and variety of insignia stands.

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